Home Entertainment SABAAT- An Iconic drama impacting positivity in our new generation!

SABAAT- An Iconic drama impacting positivity in our new generation!

Pakistani dramas have evolved a great deal over the years and have provided the audience with some incredible screenplays in the past few years that caught a lot of attention. Hum Safar, daam, Zindagi gulzaar hai, yaqeen ka Safar and a lot of other successful dramas are still some of the iconic dramas that swooped not only in Pakistan but the subcontinent.

Sabaat was a recent hit in 2020 which had new revealing ends and twists in its every episode. The drama is based on an amazing idea that is quite different from those conventional subjects, a story that revolves around different aspects i.e psychological, family life, women empowerment, and finances in terms of status.

The drama begins with one of the lead casts, Miraal (Sarah khan), a young arrogant woman belonging to the elite family class who is controlling, egoistic, and can never hear NO from anyone. Her younger brother Hasan (Ameer Gillani) is somehow influenced by her and used to listen to everything she says until one day Anaya Aziz( Mawra Hocane) and clashes when Anaya defeats him in an engineering model competition and taunts him for being materialistic and dependent on his father. Hasan starts falling for Anaya because of her independent thinking. Upon noticing a change in Hasan, Miraal insults Anaya ad slaps her, but eventually, Anaya and Hasan get married and live separately from the family, but somehow Miraal doesn’t give up on her brother and keeps interfering in the happy couple’s lives to make it a living hell. Although Miraal has been portrayed as a shallow character, she is deeply shaken by her grandmother’s death who kept reminding her that beauty, money, and power doesn’t matter once a person realizes that it’s all DUNYAWI. Another amazing yet very calm character that sabaat has shown is DR.Haris( Usman Mukhtar) a psychiatrist who treats Miraal when her senses become overshadowed by her grandmother. DR.Harris marries Miraal but things don’t go very smoothly due to Miraal’s overthinking. Cutting it short, the audience got to see what it wanted from Miraal’s character in the last episode, she realized her mistakes and confesses everything to her husband DR.Harris, and seek forgiveness from everyone.

One of the most realistic things the drama has shown is its depiction of sexual harassment at the workplace. It’s good to see Pakistani dramas put an effort to show strong-minded, female leads who care about making an impact on society.


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